New this year! The Boo Run Run has found numerous training programs to help people of all levels of competition. Below, we have listed three links to training websites. There are three levels of training; Easy, Moderate, and Intense. More information about which one you should choose, please read the descriptions for each program listed below.

Easy Training Program (Couch to 5k program- 9 weeks)
This program is specifically for those who would either like to finish the race, achieve a personal best time, or participate in their first 5k. If this training program sounds right for you, click on the link below.

Moderate Training Program (8 weeks)
This program is specifically for those who have goals to race a friend, beat a set time, or even place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in their age group. This program is recommended for people who have already participated in a race like this. (PDF format)

Intense Training Program (12 weeks)
This program is for those who are signed up for one reason- to win. This one is recommended for you are aiming to get 1st overall, or even set a course record.

For your safety, please read the disclaimers below

-Please consult your doctor or physician before attempting any kind or training, race, or other physical activity

-Programs from, Torchlight 5k, and
-Nor these, or any other, programs do not guarantee a best time, any place in age group, any place overall, any award, or any course record.
-Please note: These are just a plan. Once again, NO RESULTS ARE GUARANTEED!
-if you are not medically able and permitted, please do not attempt any training program, race, or other physical activity
-Please note: nor The Boo Run Run 5k, its directors, organizers, volunteers, sponsors, any training programs (including, but not limited to, the Torchlight 5k, or myrunningattitude) are responsible for any results, injury, or accidents experienced during training or the 5k. By training using these programs and/or participating in the 5k, you are agreeing to the waiver of responsibility found in the official 2015 Boo Run Run 5k/Fun Run registration/sign up form.
-Train and race at your own risk